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The estate Schlossstraße 10 originally belonged to the manor of the castle. In 1908 the duke of Waldeck sold the land to Ms Bosser, who was a very wealthy client of her times. Ms. Bosser herself had a relationsship with the cavalery captain and big game hunter Carl von Studnitz, who never proposed to her due to snobbery.

The house "Villa Queen Luise" was built in 1909 and was opended on May 13th , 1910. The architect of the house, Moggh, was well-known for constructing scenery. That´s why the house appears that dainty. During the excavation work several connon balls were found. They have been dated back to the period of the Thirty Year War.

The name of the villa represents the spirit of the house and recalls the year of Luises death by 1810.

After the First World War it was sold to the family Günther, but they resold it for economical reasons only shortly after. The new owner, Fritz Trösken; wanted to buy a farm house in the neighbouring village of Griessem. Without the slightest hesitation he bought the villa instead of the farm house. His reletives than ran the villa with not much success. However Trösken managed to install cold and hot water pipes in that time. 1932 he moved into the house and ran it for himself. In the chaos of the Second World War the house experience a varied history.

1n 195o the house was once more used again as what it was built for. A boarding house. By 1963 the younger daughter took over the parantal business and ran it with her husband, Kurt Rappen.
The house then had to be renovated from the scratch. Several german laws and severe cuts in the health system led to a severe drop in number of guests in the whole town of Bad Pyrmont. The "Villa Königin Luise" could not escape this as well.


Caused by the old age the house was taken over by the family Romansky. With a lot of investment it gained back the old spirit ; romantic and at the same time comfortable. So it has become a lovely boarding house for the long-term visitors and a cosy hotel for the guests yet to come.

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